Why Does Your Dog Eat Leaves

It is believed that dogs eat leaves to correct a dietary imbalance. Dogs have an uncanny ability to know what is wrong with their system. Dogs that are provided by owners with cheaper low quality dog food that mainly contain cereal fillers would munch on the leaves of momma’s plants to fill up a nutrient deficiency.

Dogs are great eaters and these animals consider mealtime as one of the most important moments in their life. Dogs that are left alone all day would be ecstatic to see the master at the end of the day because it would mean that mealtime is near.

Dogs in the wild use much of their time hunting for food. In the wild, dogs would not know when a prey will be found so that when there is food, these animals will eat until the stomach would almost burst. In the wild, meat is the main diet of dogs but when hunting is poor, dogs would eat anything they can find. To survive, dogs would make do with roots, berries, fruits and leaves.

Modern day dogs do not have to hunt to survive. Dog owners make sure that their pet’s bowls are always filled. Most dog owners will be mystified by the pet’s habit of eating inedible things. Well fed dogs would still add rocks, twigs, cloths and even poop to their menu. A pet owner should be thankful that the dog has developed an addiction to leaves and not to poops.

Dogs are voracious and indiscriminate eaters. These animals are very curious as well. This curious nature often results to ingestion of non-edible objects. Apart from this, dogs also have the inclination to eat spoiled food. Would it be surprising if the dog would have an upset stomach? Fortunately, nature has given our canine friends ability to self medicate. Dogs simply need to eat leaves and presto! the foreign matters as well as the toxic substances in the stomach that ails the pet will be vomited.

The leaves eating habit can also be a way to gain attention. As the habit is unwanted, the dog will be reprimanded. For a dog, reprimands would be better than no attention at all.

The life of the pet will not be put at risk by eating leaves as long as what the dog has ingested was not sprayed with toxic substances. To keep the pet safe, the owner has to find ways to curb the dog’s inclination to eat leaves.

Too much food and treat love can lead to obesity.  Overweight or obese dogs are at higher risk for arthritis and other orthopaedic issues, as well as other health problems.

It can be difficult enough to balance our own diets, much less that of our pets. so be sure to discuss this with your vet who will help you select a good, high-quality food for your dog and give you tips on exercise, treats and proper pet nutrition. That’s right — you don’t have to stop sharing occasional goodies with your pooch, as long as 90% to 95% of your dog’s diet is healthy and well balanced.

If you are struggling with pet obesity, arthritis, an aging pet… before visiting the vet, you may want to try Flexpet.

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3 Responses to Why Does Your Dog Eat Leaves

  1. This is good info i did not know that’s why my dog eat leaves. I did change my dogs food to a better brand for some reason he has not been eating leaves or grass Thanks for the info.

    • KarenConley says:

      Interesting info for sure Gerard. You would think your pets are getting everything they need in their dog food but u have to be very vigilant these days on their ingredients. Come back again.

  2. Captain Matt says:

    Nice thumbnail pics – good job Karen.. great info articles too…

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